Name: Jen

Vocation: Director of Digital Marketing at PureWow

Location: NYC

1. What do you currently do now and how did you end up here? Any pit stops along the way and did those pit stops help you get to the career and woman you are now? 

Currently, I'm directing a killer digital marketing team at PureWow (shameless plug: sign up for our emails! They are great!).  I often ask myself how I ended up here... It's been a circuitous route for sure but I don't think I'd call anything a pit stop as each step taught me a lot of what I did or didn't want to do, my strengths and weaknesses, and what kind of manager/leader I aspire to be. 

2. What are your current gaps, barriers, facilitators, or motivators? Any of those in particular that helped you along the way? 

I'm my own worst enemy - the only barriers I see are my own negative qualities (which I will not list here for the world to see). As a good millennial I think I can do anything so it really just depends whether I put my ambitious pants on & make things happen or take the easy route & glide.

My greatest motivators are old & current colleagues who listen to my ideas and are willing to work with me to see them to fruition but who are also comfortable enough to tell me I'm crazy and offer something better. For cheese factor but 100% true, my mom is another big motivator. My life and ambitions would be entirely different if she weren't so bad-ass, hard working, ambitious, and supportive. I hesitate to say this as I don't mean to discredit what I've done to get to this point but luck has definitely been a facilitator as well - finding connections with people that lead them to hire you vs someone equally as qualified (which works both ways tbh), a random discovery on LinkedIn, etc. 

3. What is your ideal state / dream state of being as a woman in your career and a woman in this world? How will you get there?

This one really stumped me. I don't have a well rounded answer but the one thing I strive for and try to instill in my team is that if you take time off, really take time off. As we become more and more connected I worry we lose enjoyment in small moments (says the girl addicted to Snapchat and Instagram). So long story short, my current ideal state is to find a balance between providing value and kicking ass during work hours balanced with a life outside sharing moments with loved ones. 

4. What common misconceptions do you find about your field, your life, about women in general?

 I don't see misconceptions from others but more from ourselves. Women devalue themselves and their opinions too often (most of the time not even willingly, it's simply a bad habit!). 

5. Any advice or tips & tricks you want to give to a younger you? Whether it be how to apt hunt on craigslist to getting your shoes cobbled to getting a work mentor etc

Work harder! Don't let good enough be good enough. Less eye rolling please and yes, patience is a virtue. 

BONUS QUESTION: What should lead your life: passion or pragmatism? (general thoughts, could be a convergence, could be one or the other!)


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