Name: Tamara / Tako

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Vocation: Television Distribution Coordinator for CBS


1. What do you currently do now and how did you end up here? Any pit stops along the way and did those pit stops help you get to the career and woman you are now? 

As you know friends call me Tako, I am from Tbilisi Georgia and moved in NYC at the tender age of 20. I know it is not part of this particular question but its important to note because the fact that I am an immigrant has to do everything with how my career has shaped and moreover how I had to change and had to adapt my dreams, standards and expectations to the American ones. 

I work at CBS as a coordinator at CBS Worldwide Distribution; in a nutshell my department is selling American programming aboard; we even have an Emmy (technical, not the glamorous one, the Emmys that nobody watches), basically I have to control everyone's ins and outs who is involved in process. This is my first job as soon as I graduated in 2012 I was hired in few month and been here since (though the whole process wasn't that easy, it involved three summers of unpaid internships at CBS and three interviews).

The whole going back to school in USA and starting over is pit stop if you ask me, because in Georgia my major was Western European Languages (English, secondary German) and Literature, which I loved, I studied all 4 years and just before graduating moved to USA. When I arrived in States it was a reality check for me, I realized that if person has a degree in European Literature basically she/ he can starve to death. Mine was one of those college majors that you have to come from family money and study for your own pleasure or you have to be very non-materialistic martyr for art to enjoy it, I was neither.

So after my firstborn got old enough to attend  a daycare I started school from the beginning, and guess what major I chose, the easiest bullshit-est (I know its not a word probably) one of them all, Economics with Marketing concentration. You probably won;t be surprised if I tell you that after all, that major has nothing to do what I am actually doing now, but I guess this is how adulteress works you have to make peace with what you have,but  with the attempts to progress of courses. 


2. What are your current gaps, barriers, facilitators, or motivators? Any of those in particular that helped you along the way? 

I got too comfortable where I am now, that what scares me . I have never stayed 3 years at one job before so basically my barrier is laziness which was derived from my job stillness, from the fact that I can take 2 hour lunches and still do my assignment better than everyone and still have time to do for example something like this answering my friend Tran's questions :) . 

My motivator right now and the best one is that my spending is accedes my earning, so I better get moving and find something that pays more, my another motivator is that I have a constant filling that I am not using my whole potential, that I can do so much more with my time and abilities. My imagination is constantly working my brain is always on the go I don't use this. I hope I don't sound like total self absorbed as...e but I believe I can be much more productive and creative than my job requires, so sometimes I feel sorry wasting my time at job that doesn't fulfill my heart and soul...and not even my wallet .

I have to write this and yes it will sound corny and cheesy, please forgive me, but in the long run my motivators are my kids and hubby and parents and friends... I want them to be proud of me, I want to be a "cool mom", moreover "interesting wife", "helpful friend" and "grateful daughter"; because they are my loved ones, and people will always be more important for my than any kind of "creative process" or "career". This love, love for my loved ones in my heart is the main factor what particularly helped me along the way to progress and to move on and to achieve. 


3. What is your ideal state / dream state of being as a woman in your career and a woman in this world? How will you get there?

There are several states and levels of ideal state, personal, spiritual ets... Let me talk about career side of the ideal state. I will start with the state which is more like a dream and not a goal, it will probably never happen but I would have loved to work on a position which would have been helpful for my county Georgia, I would have felt probably the most satisfied and utilized if I could have a position which would directly impact my people, Georgians in Georgia; but this is just a dream, in reality I want at least find a job which makes me feel useful and needed, it doesn't really mean that I am a good person it might just mean that I am a very self centered individual.  

I am also very materialistic person, as I was telling you the other day I couldn't even make myself to buy something in a thrift store, the idea of wearing somebody's used stuff didn't appeal to me (though I thought it would be cool, but I just couldn't). Unfortunately I am attracted to expensive stuff and I am very curious , I want to see the wonderful world we are living in... ideal state would be to afford all the above :).

Ideally, I would love to actually use my college major and find job in marketing and advertising, I am fully aware how shallow and based on manipulation is that world, but I am quite good at that (I made peace with this long time ago ), so would be nice to get paid at that and may be   could be able to use my creativity and common sense and implement some real human values along the way.


4. What common misconceptions do you find about your field, your life, about women in general? 

I know your website is about women, but the way I was raised it is hard for me to identify myself something else than a human being, to circle the race , religion and gender sections was something that was introduced to me in the USA( ironically)

I was raised with the believe that women play most important intricate role in shaping Georgia's cultural and political landscape, there was woman king Tamar in 12th century Georgia and even during the Communist Era women were given opportunities which even nowadays a lot of counties don't. My background shaped me into the person I am now, I never feel as less of a human than men I never see problems or obstacles as "just women's" even when there is a huge problem of inequality in paycheck; I even feel little superior to men, I strongly believe women are stronger, so that's why I wont go to details about obstacles for women. The whole phenomena "weak sex" is a misconception in my mind, because it is only true if we compare physical qualities of both sexes, and there is so much more than physique in life.

In conclusion my ideal state would be a balance between my family and work because as a aka "modern woman" I need both to feel happy, though once again my family will always be a priority. 


5. Any advice or tips & tricks you want to give to a younger you? Whether it be how to apt hunt on craigslist to getting your shoes cobbled to getting a work mentor etc.

The only advice to my younger me is that life is too short and especially youth to constrain yourself: don't be scared of living and new experiences, open your mind, try not to be judgmental, so try everything , be active, go everywhere, make mistake so what? Try again, move on, live life fullest. 

Yes I know nothing is too original ... oh yaaas one more thing, I wish I have invested in Google, and Williamsburg and Red Hook real estate :))))


BONUS QUESTION: What should lead your life: passion or pragmatism? (general thoughts, could be a convergence, could be one or the other!)

I am a different person in different situations with different people, I also do something out of pragmatism one minute and another moment I might go nuts and fly with my passion.

I guess I am a pragmatist in career and all passion when it comes to feelings


BONUS BONUS QUESTION: What are you most proud of?

Every year I progress, I change my taste and expectations adapting new needs.  Life moves on and changes, but I need a constant in my life for my formula of happiness, which is my family, my love, my kids.

I am proud of my love that lasted for so long, and I will try to take care of it for the years to come, I am proud of my kids and will be more proud when they grow up and create their own path in life.